Want more confidence around mechanics?

  • Arm yourself with knowledge by getting your ‘Check Engine’ light independently diagnosed. AutoZone provide this service for free, which will advise what code has caused the ‘Check Engine’ light to come on. Ask what could cause the code (usually 2-3 possibilities) and write the possible reasons down. Once you are armed with this knowledge, go to your mechanic and if they advise that the code is something else you know to just walk away.
  • If you want the exact reason why the check engine light is on (as opposed to 2-3 possibilities), we have advanced diagnostic computers here, that will not only tell you the code but will also tell you the cause of the ‘Check Engine’ light. Feel free to come on in and have your vehicle independently diagnosed at no charge, you can check the screen on our computer to see for yourself.
  • If your mechanic does advise a different reason you could also just ask to see the screen of their diagnostics computer as these are independently run alsoPhoto credit: @girlsautoclinic in PA who are also arming people with mechanical knowledge