Wife says you can't get a sports car? 4 Cars to trick the wife <$10k

4 Cars to Trick the Wife ;)

4. "Look! It's a Hatchback" 3.2L 250hp 14.6s 1/4 mile. VW R32
3. "Look! It's a Wagon" 4.2L V8 340hp 14.5s 1/4 mile. Audi S6 Avant
2. "Look! It's got 4 doors" 3.7s V6 330hp 13.5s 1/4 mile. Infiniti G37s
1. "Look! You can put roof racks on it" Inline 6, BMW 330i

Top pick has to be the BMW 330i on account of its on track potential. RWD (no cheating!), light weight, manual annnnnd the only car on this list you can snap up for $5k.

Credits, thanks for owning such cool vehicles! Instagram: VW R32 @mariosubasic.media Audi S6 Avant @solomotorsportsatlanta Infiniti G37s @newjayg BMW 330i @codename_e46_