Tired of being ripped off by DODGY MECHANICS?

We can arm you with knowledge to identify and avoid them

  Too many people in my life have been the victim of dodgy mechanics who overcharge or create work that doesn’t need to be done. They steal money from their clients.
Unfortunately women are targeted more than men. 
The best way to combat these thieves is to be armed with knowledge. This way you can either complete the job yourself, or have the ability to identify con-artists.
Once a month we have a free women only event where we bring the diagnostics computer and independently check why your engine light is on. This way you can test your mechanic by asking them “why is my engine light on” and the answer will determine if they are honest or not with their diagnostics. 
We also run 2.5hr women only workshops where you learn how to “Change Your Own” puncture, oil, belts etc on a test vehicle. 
Meetup link is in the comment section below. 
To everyone: feel free to DM me any questions if you are not in the ATL area. I will do what I can to help and offer advice.

  • Free Meetup Event and workshops: https://www.meetup.com/changeyourown/