Power Isn't Everything R32 vs R35

POWER ISN’T EVERYTHING. Four R35’s here at and the R32 has captured the attention of everyone in the Skyline section at this morning’s Caffeine and Octane in ATL. 
Surrounded by 4 of man’s greatest achievements, the R32 has 300 less horsepower, yet somehow all the pulling power. I think it’s because it’s relatable, it’s attainable. It’s the working man’s supercar. It’s the underdog. It’s the original V8 killer. And most importantly it’s subtle. Show a non car person and they think it’s Suzie’s Mom’s sedan. 
Having a desirable car isn’t about being flashy, or making a statement of how wealthy you are. It’s about respect. And you always respect the guy who you find out could kick your a** in 13 seconds flat, but you never knew it.

R34 vs R32 Skyline