"I see dead people" - self Driving Autonomous Vehicles With AI


The new, fully autonomous BMW i3 is like “being driven around by a ghost”. A ghost that’s a way better driver than VW’s self driving Junior 3 according to @businessinsider Editor Ariel Schwartz. Perhaps Cole was just confused about self driving cars...

Despite the recent run of bad publicity, manufacturers are full throttle with their self drive ai initiatives.

I’m conflicted when it comes to the recent self drive accidents. On one hand it feels like failed technology has caused harm to innocent people. On the other hand, every self drive incident will make the news. What won’t make the news are the hundreds of thousands of motor vehicle accidents caused by human error, which are essentially a failure of our computer, which are accepted as “usual occurrences”...it is certainly not a black and white matter.

Going forward, let’s hope the only ghosts of autonomous vehicles are the ones driving magazine editors around!