Experiencing a self drive car for the first time

Oh self driving is *eye roll* old news? Try being in the car with it on. Wow!!! The steering wheel moves, my brain found it hard to believe, I quickly realized quickly the car drives better than I do as it reacts to situations 2 cars ahead! The term self driving is actually misleading and I got it wrong when I said that the car would actually drive us to the destination on the screen. A more accurate explanation is “adaptive cruise control with self steering”, because the car will either do the speed you tell it to or copy the car ahead of you, while staying in the chosen lane. But it won’t drive you to the destination on the gps.
There are limitations (which are explained on purchase). Self driving mode doesn’t stop for stop signs for example and it needs a clear lane to work with. For example if the street you live on doesn’t have a center lane then the car wouldn’t allow you to engage self drive mode. I am also unsure on what you could do if the throttle jammed, in my Honda i would simply knock it into neutral and switch the engine off. There are also situations like what does the car do if a plastic bag floats in front of it at 80mph on 285? All this to say - I really, really want one. What #teslahas accomplished here is a feat of mankind to be marveled at, if you have the chance to experience this tech (and it really is an experience just to ride in this thing - I even got to drive it :) :) :), then you should immediately take it.