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If unknown just describe why you brought car to mechanic eg car is making an unusual sound
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Birthday (optional)
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1. Owner/agent warrants and represents to be the owner of the above described vehicle or an authorized agent of the owner and authorizes Peayton Auto and Collision LLC. company to repair said vehicle based upon the provided estimate(s). 2. Owner/agent agrees to allow business employees to operate the above vehicle for purposes (both on and off premises) of repairing, testing, inspecting and/or delivery. An express mechanics lien is acknowledged on the above vehicle to secure the amount of the repairs done. 3. Owner/agent understands that upon completion of repair, full payment is required to receive vehicle. If installment payments have been arranged by Peayton Auto and Collision LLC. the owner/agent is responsible for all monies owed in a timely fashion. In the event of legal action due to non-payment enforced by contract, the above owner/agent will be liable to attorney fees and court costs. The under-typed grants limited power of attorney to Peayton Auto and CollisionLLC. for the purpose of endorsing insurance checks in the event co-pay insurance checks and draft are issued to this shop for repair of said vehicle. 4. Owner/agent acknowledges and understands Peayton Auto and Collision LLC. will not be held responsible for damage to and/or missing articles left in said vehicle in case of fire, theft, accident or any other case. 5. Owner/agent acknowledges and understands that a storage fee of $25/day will be charged if a deposit (50%) on the total estimate is not received within 3 days of vehicle drop-off/agreement to services 6. Deposits are non refundable BY WRITING YOUR NAME BELOW YOU ARE ACKNOWLEDGING THAT YOU UNDERsTAND AND AGREE TO THE ABOVE 6 TERMS AND CONDITIONS NUMBERED 1 - 6
Name *(required) Only fill in your name if you understand and agree to the above 6 terms and conditions, labelled 1-6 *
Name *(required) Only fill in your name if you understand and agree to the above 6 terms and conditions, labelled 1-6
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